The Challenge

The backbone of most power storage systems is the battery. Therefore, GHEL is currently building a battery plant in the outskirts of Dhaka (Gazipur). The factory will be operational in 2013 and will manufacture all kinds of solar batteries to supply to the various projects, namely GHEL Solar Home System, GHEL Solar Irrigation and GHEL Mini and Smart Micro Grid. The production capacity will be of 3,300 pieces per month and 60 employees will work permanently to maintain the production flows and the high quality standard.

Types of Batteries

Through three assembly lines, the following categories of battery will be produced:

  • 55AH VRLA battery
  • 80AH VRLA battery
  • 100AH VRLA battery
  • 130AH VRLA battery

All the batteries will be designed and destined for solar panels.


The beneficiaries of the program have been mainly microentrepreneurs and their households. The initiative targeted the villages of Motlab and Sengarchar in Chadpur District. These villages did not have access to the national electricity grid which severely restricted the people and the local entrepreneurs in their daily activities and business development efforts. Households in selected villages were provided with 20W Solar Home Systems and micro enterprises with 40W Solar Home Systems in order for them to be able to extend their business hours.

GHEL Battery Water

In September 2012, GHEL acquired the brand Power Battery Water and its production plant for producing distilled water for the battery market in Bangladesh. Battery Water is demineralized water suitable for any kind of lead-acid battery, radiator or generator.

Due to its low conductivity, distilled water can remove the ions of the battery and prevent the natural process of decreased efficiency. Therefore, Battery Water increases the efficiency and lifespan of the battery as it improves the recharging capacity of the battery.

By ensuring supply of high quality Battery Water, GHEL can serve all sectors reliant on batteries.

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