The Challenge

GHEL has conducted a market survey and feasibility study in Bogra district in 4 local market places to have a better understating about total productions capacity in the area, nature of vegetables they are producing and how local farmers having access to market along with available services for the preservations. The study has find a very precious information that targeted farmers are very capable to produce different types of vegetables and all the market places are full with colourful, vegetables during the seasons but unfortunately post-harvest loss has always been a major problem since they don’t have available facilities or appropriate knowledge about the vegetable preservation system in effective manner. There are various reasons behind such high amount of loss; one of them is the unavailability of proper storage facilities for the vegetables. In the peak of the vegetables production seasons, there are numerous instances of farmers selling the produce at an extremely low price or dumping a batch of fresh vegetables due to an unexpected over-supply of vegetables at that particular moment in the Bogra region.

GHEL has pointed the following constraints faced by farmers:

1) Local farmers have not modern equipment and tools for the vegetables cultivation.

2) Sometime quality seeds and bio fertilizer not available and if they are available and in good quality the prices are very high.

3) Day labor are not available for the cultivation since people have better options for earning good amount of money from other sectors.

4) Farmers are in always in hurry and under pressure to sale the vegetables since they don’t have any other option for preservation and some time they are in urgent need for having cash to sale the products in low cost.

5) Farmers could not get access to the bigger market places since local transport is not always available for carrying their products.

7) They do not have enough knowledge and technical capacity for vegetables cultivation.

The Solution

For poverty alleviation in Bangladesh, GHEL works on agriculture, renewable energy supply, durable building construction and created projects for small and medium entrepreneurs. GHEL has established chilling plant and food preservation center to bring much needed improvement agricultural sector. GHEL has built chilling centers of best available technology for vegetable, fish and flower preservation. Technical training is also provided to maintain and smoothly run chilling centers. 


Technical specifications:

  • Key components of the Chilling Centre- Insulation, Motor, Chiller, Compartment

  • Nature of vegetables: All kinds of Vegetables

  • Capacity: 5-50tn everyday

  • Land size: 1200 ft² or 2400 ft²  

  • Number of the Days Could be Kept – 25 Days

  • Temperature: +4C° to -26C°

  • Required Voltage and Required Electricity- 220 Volt and 3 Phase Connection

  • Primary machineries: Chiller and compressor

  • Energy source: 100% solar or combination of solar and Grid Line Supply

Chilling plant facility description:

  • Modern design RCC construction
  • Maximum load capacity building
  • Fire and earthquake proof facility
  • Building and plant size according to client’s need.






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