GHEL Blocks

In 2012, GHEL has started the production of blocks to provide construction farms with high quality and affordable building materials. From its factory in Bogra, GHEL manufactures 5 different models of cavity, hollow and solid blocks and can easily supply them throughout the country.

GHEL Blocks are made of cement, sand, stone powder and small stones from Dinajpur. All our materials are selected with care to guarantee the best end product. Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery, our blocks are produced according to a standardized and precise process. GHEL production plant has a capacity of 5,000 blocks per day to rapidly answer the demand and fulfil client's satisfaction. But within 3 years, GHEL plans to step up the production to 10,000 blocks per day. Additionally, our trained workforce maintains the flows and the high quality standard all along the block making process.



• Cost effective

Choosing blocks for construction is 40% cheaper than using fired bricks.

• Environmentally-friendly

Blocks do not need to be cured in ovens, thus the carbon footprint is reduced.

• Longevity

Blocks are strong enough to absorb seismic shock, endure cyclones and resist fire.

• Aesthetic

Blocks have an appealing aesthetic and offer many creative architectural solutions.

Use of GHEL Blocks


• Community projects

Blocks can be used for the construction of educational, medical, agricultural and business facilities.

• Eco-friendly housing

Due to their low CO2 emission production process, blocks are suitable for eco-friendly housing.

• Earthquake resistant building

Blocks are also an excellent component for constructions located in areas frequently prone to natural disasters.

5 models:

- 400 x 100 x 200 Cavity Block

- 375 x 125 x 200 Cavity Block

- 400 x 150 x 200 Cavity Block

- 400 x 200 x 200 Cavity Block

- 400 x 100 x 200 Solid Block


± 11 kg


Cement, Sand, Small stones and Stone powder


From BDT 60 to BDT 70 according to the model