Mini Grid Project

Project Description

The GHEL Mini Grid is an off-grid solar energy system installed and managed by the company and so far three such a Mini Grid plants have been set up by GHEL at Kutubdia, Char Kajol and Char Bishwash island. The GHEL Mini Grid is installed in those islands for supplying green energy to the villagers and local enterprises with a collective need of electricity of at least 100 KW.  GHEL Mini Grid energy is generating from solar energy and distributed to participating households. A power capacity of 100 KW can provide up to 500 households with 18 hours of electricity per day.

The technology for the solar panels, charge controllers and inverters are imported from GHELs trusted international partners from Germany. GHEL ensures the highest quality of sensitive technologies used for controlling and monitoring the generation and distribution of power.

As part of GHELs pioneering sustainable village model GHEL has started a pilot program of GHEL Mini Grid and Smart Micro Grid plants. Through collective distribution and centralized monitoring these plants are designed to provide power to an entire community. this systematic approach to energy supply is an efficient way of making electricity more available to the villages. GHEL can offer a more affordable distribution channel to the households unable to invest an independent Solar Home System and enjoying for having AC supply for using all kinds of electric appliances. the GHEL Mini Grids can further provide villages with collective benefits-such as powering irrigation pump for improved cultivation or supplying schools with energy to support computerization and other residential and commercial activities.                

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