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It has become kind of a habit at ICMSE (International Center for Microfinance and Social Enterprise) to hire French interns, since the firm has set up numerous partnerships in France (HEC Business School, EDHEC Business School, INES French Solar National Institution, etc.) over the years. Four ICMSE interns have thus had the opportunity to get involved in the launching of the recently-created company GHEL (Green Housing and Energy Ltd) by working on business plans, financial proposals, brochures, communication and on the website.

“Working in Dhaka really helps us understand and overcome the hardships Bangladesh faces today in terms of housing and energy. This helps us get involved and concretely implicated in the development of a fast-paced and socially meaningful project.”

Alexander Eisenhauer – EDHEC’s student – AsieMut’ Association

“I was really excited to be committed to such a big project as GHEL. You don’t always get the chance to be given responsibilities when you are an intern involved in the launch of a big nationwide company. But we contributed to the birth of GHEL from A to Z, from finance to accounting. And more importantly, we had the opportunity to actually witness the results of our work. When you can see your social impact on the field, then it is really worth participating in Social Business.”

Elysabeth Alexandre – EDHEC’s student – AsieMut’ Association

Here are some examples of the different missions that you can carry out during your internship program. The precise program of the internship should be developed on the basis of your expectation and your skills would be utilized as well to support the institutional needs . You can scale up your technical skills and knowledge in social business and microfinance through learning by doing activities since you will be coached and supervised by the senior experts from the sector.

  • To observe and to be involved very concretely in the new development initiatives of the Less Developed Countries where Microfinance and Social Business considered an effective tools to fight poverty.

  • To put in practice your skills and knowledge acquired during your studies for the Social Business development an opportunity to work in a start-up and so take initiatives and have important responsibilities.

  • To discover a different country, people and cultural activities .

  • Project Management: You will be given specific tasks to develop new concept, product and procedures and how to implement that project in real life.

  • Business Planning / Cost Accounting : you will participate in developing business plan, cost analysis, project performance analysis of the existing Social Businesses (Dairy Farm, Low Cost Housing and Solar Energy Program etc.)

  • Fundraising: you will work on investment proposal and technical proposal for funds mobilization from the different partners of Social Business. You will also evaluate the investment profitability etc.

  • Communication: you will be in charge of the external communication tools development of ICMSE like updating Website, Brochure, producing annual report, events organization, video coverage etc.

For more information about the internship program about GHEL with ICMSE, feel free to contact Dr. Mostaq Ahmmed. Send your CV and a cover letter in English to the following address: or

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