Partnership policy

Green Housing and Energy Ltd. strongly believes in targeted investment from innovative and competitive countries to developing areas as the most efficient tool to reduce the socioeconomic discrepancies and foster a sustainable development. By adapting products, enterprises and services to underprivileged people’s expectations and social conditions, the current economic system can be reconfigured so as to take them into account. These communities can see a dramatic rise in their living standards and incomes, and reach an economic status. Therefore, GHEL has been working in collaboration with the most reputed organizations and companies to create new opportunities of social and economic advancement for deprived areas.

Therefore, GHEL invites any interested institution or company − who wishes to eradicate poverty and undertake an innovative approach through capital and social projects linkage − to contact us. A new way to do business is possible. Many international institutions and companies have already adopted this revolutionary vision and leaded successful projects in collaboration with us.

You can become one of GHEL partners in many different ways: by providing technology and know-how, by collaborating on designing customized, clean and affordable products for the Bangladeshi market, by helping us welcome trained volunteers, or by working hand in hand with us to develop, promote and propagate the concept of Social Business.

Partner with GHEL and commit to an innovative and responsible business.

Whatever the size of your contribution is, you can make a difference by supporting us both meet the social needs of low-income Bangladeshis people and overcome the global environmental challenges issued from climate change.

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