A Land of Superlatives

A few figures can depict the socioeconomic discrepancies and the development challenges of Bangladesh. With more than 160 million people, Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. This demographic boom has lead to an unequal distribution of wealth between urban and rural areas.

  • 70% of the population is living in rural areas

  • 1 villager out of 3 lives on USD$1.25 a day

  • 2 villagers out of 3 have no access to electricity

Bangladesh is also the most vulnerable country to climate change.

  • 3 villagers out of 4 live in huts or houses made primarily of mud

  • 20% of the landmass is likely to be affected by the sea rise level before 2100

  • 15 million people are directly threatened


Who We Are

Green Housing and Energy Ltd. (GHEL) is a social impact business dedicated to combating poverty in Bangladesh by empowering low-income people and making a better living environment available to them. GHEL believes that raising levels of health, education, employment and income is the key for underprivileged people to unleash their potential and get out of poverty. Through a wide range of customized and affordable products and services, GHEL tackles the socioeconomic problems that hamper the expansion of rural areas, such as green energy supply (solar/biogas), housing, water supply, enterprise development and capacity building. GHEL has established a platform where investors can participate in social impact business projects through equity investments and technology transfers for achieving real impact in community development.



GHEL Chilling and Food Preservation Center

Post-harvest loss in the vegetable sector of Bangladesh has always been a major problem. The unavailability of proper storage facilities for the vegetables is one primary problem. GHEL aims to take step towards solving this problem in the vegetable market. As a pilot initiative, GHEL plan to setup a low cost chilling facility for vegetables in the Shahjahanpur area of Bogra district. This chilling facility will be offered to the farmers and traders as a business service, where the farmers can rent this facility to store their fresh produce for 3 to 5 days in case of oversupply. GHEL expects this service will be beneficial not only to the farmers of Shahjahanpur helping them to reduce their post-harvest loss and attain fair market price, but also to GHEL to build a successful business service. Based on the success of this pilot project, GHEL will expand this service to other vegetable growing regions.


Concrete Block

In October 2012, GHEL launched the commercial production of concrete blocks from its factory in Sahajahnpur, Bogra. Five different models of hollow, cavity and solid blocks are produced and supplied to construction farms around the country. GHEL Blocks are the perfect component for your constructions as they are are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, extremely durable and aesthetically sophisticated. With a production capacity of 10,000 blocks per day, the GHEL production plant can rapidly answer the demand of the growing construction sector.

Successful Projects

Citi- Ghel Project

GHEL is introducing the revolutionary Battery Smart Optimizer to prevent premature lead-acid battery failure due to sulfation. This inevitable process starts when lead-acid batteries are being manufactured and in time causes a severe decrease in their performance. By installing the smart optimizer, the performance of old batteries can be restored at around 85% and the lifespan more than doubled. The Smart Optimizer can be used on all 2V to 12V wet cell batteries for telecommunication, automotive and renewable energy industries. The Smart Optimizer is developed by GHEL and Sigma T&S.

Ghel Biogas

In 2012, GHEL emerged as one of the fastest growing suppliers and installers of biogas plants in Bangladesh. GHEL is installing around 50 plants per month all over the country. The Biogas Program has proven to be the most appropriate solution for increasing the availability of clean energy in villages. All clients of the Biogas Program now experience both the economic and health benefits of using clean fuel instead of the traditional kerosene for cooking purposes. Clients also benefits economically from personal use or sale of the by-product of our biogas plants – high quality bio-fertiliser. GHEL is offering its clients customized financial solutions to meet their purchasing power and answer their expectations.

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